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Management Policy

Policy for safety hygiene

1. Basic Policy

Korean YKK Company recognized ensuring safety and improving health of all employees as foundations of company activities, and operated following action guidelines with the observance of related law. And we aim for [eradication of industrial accidents(accident-free) ], through constantly pushing ahead with making people who do not cause accidents and making an environment that does not cause accidents by enhancing the awareness for risk management.

2. Action Guidelines
  • Viewpoint of preventing

    We shall comply with the
    industry safety and
    health related law and
    YKK safety and
    health standards·regulations,

  • Viewpoint of making
    a man

    We shall strengthen
    individual's [Power of noticing],
    and do our own role and

  • Viewpoint of forming
    an organization

    We shall promote the
    clarification of organization·
    role·right based on the
    management system of safety
    and health, and promote the
    safe working environment
    and enhancement of health.

  • Viewpoint of making

    We shall aim for
    [eradication of industrial
    accidents(accident-free)] by
    conducting safety and
    health patrol and
    efficient·effective improvement
    of that measure.

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