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Watch out for counterfeit YKK zippers!

Recently, counterfeit YKK zippers have been distributed throughout Asia.
To make matters worse, garments and footwear containing these products are seen frequently worldwide.
In order to tackle this problem, YKK has developed a program to help protect our trademark rights, and also our customers
from inferior quality resulting from the use of fake YKK zippers.
The following items are included in this program
    • Strengthened efforts to crack down on manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit YKK zipper worldwide.

    • Bus advertisements for YKK zippers.

    • A legitimate purchase route for YKK zippers to customers in compliance with their style of operation.

    • Reinforced YKK supply capacities and logistics in various areas.

    • Exhibition of genuine and counterfeit YKK zippers at the Kobe Customs House

      During November 2001, both genuine and counterfeit YKK zippers were displayed at the Kobe Customs House Exhibition so visitors could compare the differences between the two.

    • Busses painted with advertisements for YKK zippers have been running in major Chinese cities.

      Last October, YKK China launched a spectacular bus advertising campaign in nine major Chinese cities including Dalian, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. These busses are the main source of public transportation and are painted with large YKK logos and zippers. This project, which was scheduled to run for six months from last October, was implemented as part of an effort to deal with counterfeit YKK zippers.

      Recently, in spite of our continued and reinforced efforts to eliminate counterfeits, we have still noticed problems caused by their use occurring throughout the Chinese market. For this reason, we decided to come up with a bus advertising campaign. The advertisement, painted on both sides of the busses, is in Chinese and states, "YKK qualities will never be paralleled." It also contains our slogan, "Little Parts. Big Difference."

      Through this campaign, we aim to show customers in China our strong desire to differentiate between the quality of YKK zippers and that of counterfeit products.

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