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Management Policy

Quality Policy

1. Basic Policy

In response to diversifying market demands, Fastening Products Group will provide safe, reliable and attractive products worthy of “YKK” brand to customers throughout the world, along YKK Group Quality Charter.
To this end, we will make effective use of our Quality Management Systems for the whole life cycle of our products from maintaining consistency across planning, designing, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, logistics, as well as consumption to final disposal.
Further, to realize “Supreme Quality at Leanest Cost”, YKK KOREA is to possess customer’s viewpoint and professional consciousness with proactive creativity and speed to prevent quality-related problems, assuring further continual improvements and reduction of manufacturing variations.

2. Action Guidelines
  • Customer perspective

    Fulfill our social responsibilities responding to customer requirements with highest priority to Safety & Reliability

  • Business cost perspective

    Reduce business costs by thoroughly implementing Quality Cost Management

  • Preventive perspective

    Prevent quality-related problems and its recurrence by effective PDCA cycle of Quality Management System

  • Quality HR development perspective

    Build quality foundation by developing human resources with systemized Quality education curriculum

3. Quality Objective
  • 1. “Zero” Serious Complaint/ PL Serious Accident

  • 2. Reduction of Customer’s Complaints versus 2015 ---30% by index, less than 10 cases

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