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Social Contribution

YKK Korea Co., Ltd., Mission as a local-based enterprise - Contributions for community

YKK Korea Co., Ltd., is supporting students of fashion schools and designers to support the development of Korean apparel industry which has been gradually reduced, and it is expanding constant supporting activities for the development of community of Pyeongtaek-si where the manufacturing factory is located and Seoul where the headquarter is located.


Business and academic cooperation and support of
Korean fashion·textile industry


Contributions to community of

01. Business and academic cooperation and support related to textile

It is a part of adhering management with Korean apparel industry, and after hosting the workshop with the fashion school, ESMOD SEOUL in July 2002, we are progressing the support for the graduation show as a sponsor every year. By starting from ESMOD SEOUL, we are expanding the support for fashion schools such as SASADA, SADA and so on.

  • The prize-winning work of Korea reward in ESMOD SEOUL
    25the graduation show, Designer Jae-ung Yun
    1. ESMODSupport for the graduation show

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. sponsors the annual graduation exhibition under proceeding of ESMOD SEOUL collaboration with workshops in July 2002.
    In particular, we are trying to train to students who awarded from the exhibition utilizing a variety of fasteners by providing opportunities in international markets exploring Global Korea fashion talent. Also, education on expert knowledge in a regular co-op workshops and various utilization of the fastener products. And like this, we are expanding the scope of support annually.

  • 19th Graduation Designer Dayeon Oh of SADI FD
    2. SADIActive Support for Fashion Show

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is contributing to expansion of creative and practical design by actively supporting Fashion Show of fashion school, SADI regularly.

  • The work of Eunjin Lee in 10th graduation show of Seoul
    3. SASADASupport for work activities of students

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is actively supporting for abundant work activities and expansions of talent by supporting work activities of students of the fashion school, SASADA regularly.

02. Contributions to community of Pyeongtaek·Seoul

YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is expanding active donation activities and voluntary services such as donation to Pyeongtaek-si, donation of DARM welfare foundation, event of making kimchi of love for the winter and so on, as a part of contribution to community.

  • 1. Donation to Pyeongtaek City Hall

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is making donation to Pyeongtaek City Hall every year. Outside of that, it is supporting various events in community of Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si.

  • 2. Donation of welfare foundation, DARM

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is supporting the event of "sharing steamed bun of love" targeting elders who live alone and homeless people by sponsoring DARM welfare foundation which is the social welfare foundation.

  • 3. Voluntary service for unfortunate neighbors

    "Mustard seed" Volunteering club of YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is enforcing events of delivering the fund for helping neighbors and making kimchi of love every year.

  • 4. Purifying activities for community
    • 1) We are doing the purifying activity in local stream by doing the campaign of 1 company 1 stream since 2010

    • 2) We are doing the purification activities around Jinwicheon focusing on clubs in company such as mountaineering club and fishing club, and we always regard cleaning activities after events outside of company such as picnic and workshop as the basis.

  • 5. Pyeongtaek and the "war on waste" agreement
    • 1) We are enforcing the local purification activity by concluding contract of "war with the garbage" with Pyeongtaek-si since 2015.

    • 2) We are enforcing the purification activity in the stream(Jinwicheon) in the company area and adopted area

    • 3) Creating the guerrilla garden in the adopted area

  • 6. Tree planting events

    We are creating the atmosphere of giving attention to the nature and local environment by conducting the planting event more than 1 time a year.


Cultural exchange between Korea
and Japan


Contributions to global community

03. Cultural exchange between Korea and Japan

YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is sponsoring Hanmadang Festival of Korea and Japan which is held in every year since 2005, to vitalize the cultural exchange between Korea and Japan.

  • 1. Hanmadang Festival of Korea and Japan

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Is faithfully playing the role of the temporary bridge for the active exchange of culture and art between Korea and Japan by volunteering for the event "Hanmadang Festival of Korea and Japan" which was opened since 2005, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Korea and Japan Normalization Treaty.

04. Contributions to global community

YKK Korea Co., Ltd. is committed to expanding its global responsibilities in regional contributions as a global company by broadening visibility. Cooperating with YKK Bangladesh, collection of 1000 used clothes was delivered to the Bangladeshi locals. With the support for the earthquake in Haiti, poor environment through Eastern Japan Earthquake, support activities for people of declared countries for dangerous disaster will be actively generated.
YKK Korea Co., Ltd., in accordance with the management philosophy of contributing to the community, will develop South Korea apparel industry and the community, and play a role of bridgehead in Korea-Japan bilateral cultural exchanges. Not forgetting the contribution of the green policy and the global community about environment, it will continue to do our indigenous businesses as a native form.

  • 1. Donating old clothes for Bangladesh

    Employees of YKK Korea Co., Ltd. contributed to helping local residents in Bangladesh with the affiliate, YKK Bangladesh Company, by collecting one thousand old clothes.

  • 2. Support for Haiti

    We are supporting People in Haiti who are doing reconstruction activities due to the earthquake, though “World Vision” which is expanding activities of international emergency aid.
    With the donation of 10 million won, we are praying for the rapid reconstruction activities in future materially and morally.

  • 3. Support for the big earthquake in Eastern Japan

    YKK Korea Co., Ltd. Helped the rapid restoration of corresponding area by delivering the fund which was collected by volunteers in company to the Social welfare co-funding corporation, through MBC broadcasting company for the residents who were damaged by the big earthquake in Eastern Japan.

  • Pension for the earthquake in Kumamoto |
    Source(offer of picture) : South Korean Foreign Minister
    4. Support for the earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan

    YKK KOREA provided Japan Kumamoto region received the human / material damage in the earthquake on April 2016 and donated through the Japanese Embassy.


CSR activities related to YKK KOREA textile·community·cultural exchange between Korea and Japan·environment

CSR activities related to YKK KOREA textile·community·cultural exchange between Korea and Japan·environment
1. Business and academic cooperation and support of Korean fashion•textile industry
  • 2002~present


  • 2008~present


  • 2008~present


2. Contributions for community of Pyeongtaek·Seoul(sponsor and donation)
  • 2008~present

    Pyeongtaek City Hall

  • 2008~present

    Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si

  • 2009~present

    DARM welfare foundation

  • 2009~present

    Making kimchi of love

3. Support for cultural exchange between Korea and Japan
  • 2005~present

    Korea and Japan Culture and Arts Committee

4. Environmental protection policy
  • 2003~present

    Purifying activities of community

  • 2007~present

    CO2 Cutting back policy and activities for improvement

  • 2007~present

    Policies for dealing with drainage and activities for improvement

  • 2008~present

    Event of plating trees

  • 2010~present

    Activities for reducing emission of environmental pollutant

  • 2015~2017

    Activities and voting an agreement of 'war with garbage' with Pyeongtaek-si

5. Contributions to global Community
  • 2009

    Support for old clothes in Bangladesh

  • 2010

    World Vision (support for Haiti)

  • 2011

    Emergency rescue fund for the big earthquake in Japan

  • 2016

    Rescue fund for the earthquake in Kumamoto in Japan

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