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The slider sometimes catches on cloth when opened or closed. Is there any way to

Remove the trapped cloth by moving the slider back while pulling the cloth outward. Take care to avoid the possibility of the zipper getting caught when opening and closing it. 

YKK produces zippers throughout the world but are their quality and function of

All the zippers produced and sold throughout the world by YKK meet the quality standards set by YKK, so there is no difference in quality and function. However, special care should be taken regarding the existence of counterfeit zippers. 

A zipper purchased was made of or coated with nickel and caused an allergic reac

When a silver-colored metal zipper is required, choose an aluminum zipper. Specify an "anti-nickel" zipper when placing an order. 

Are YKK products treated for needle detection machines?

YKK has researched and developed; materials, surface treatment, strength, and zipper designs, to prevent false needle detection.

What are the points to be noted when using zippers in baby wear?

Special zippers, such as zippers with plastic top and bottom stops, are offered for infants and kids wear. Please ask your YKK sales agent for more details. 

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