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Educational System

Basic system of Education and Training

  • The Basic education for capacity which should be acquainted with as people of YKK, in response to the environmental change of the company
  • Specialized education of professional field for promoting the global people

Education Course

  • New employee
    - Education for adopting in the company as the overall process for improving job function targeting new employees
    - Mentoring process, OJT training in company
  • Foreign language education
    - Executing the education for improving the foreign language skill which is needed for performing a job
    - English, Japanese
  • Education for improving employee performance
    - Carrying our the education for basis for each duties, expert knowledge and improving job performance skills
    - Education from jobs outside, Education for improving the essential job performance
  • Leadership education
    - Education for improvement of leadership capability according to classes
    - Leadership process according to classes, Process for promoted people
  • Group Education
    - Training for managers, Process for Senior Class(Beginning/Intensive), Process for Junior Class, Process for self ability
    - Training for evaluator, Business manner
  • Others
    - e-learning, book-learning, smart learning
  • Education of a legal duty
    - Education for preventing sexual harassment and harassment
    - Education for protecting personal information
    - Education for retirement pension
    - Education and training for evacuation in fire drill
    - Education on toxic material
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