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Management Policy

Environmental Declaration

YKK Group Company environmental declaration

We recognize that passing on in a wholesome appearance to the next generation by keeping the global environment received the abundance of grace is the most important task of common humanity who are living in the current era.
YKK Group is declaring the promotion of [balance with Environment] as the first project of business activities with the objective of [intimate cooperation with the earth]

20th, September, 1994 The representative of YKK Group company, Yoshida Tadahiro

Environmental Policy

1. Basic Policy

YKK Korea Co., Ltd. has contributed to 「making of a sustainable society」 to create new value and utilizing environmentally friendly technology based on the YKK Group Environmental Declaration. By strengthening its global environmental management system by the participation of all our employees thoroughly committed to environmental compliance, it contributes to the natural symbiosis society, promotion and reduction of the environmental impact of energy reform to promote a balance between economic activity and environmental friendly activities.

2. Action Guidelines
  • Thorough compliance
    with regulations

    We seek to improve the
    environmental laws and
    comply with environmental
    management and
    other requirements
    equivalent at the same time.

  • Offering and suggestion
    for eco-friendly products

    We contribute to the society
    that lives together with
    nature by providing
    suggestions of eco-friendly
    products to customers·clients.

  • Promotion for energy

    We promote the efficiency
    of production work actively,
    and improves the overall
    efficiency by small
    saving·energy saving.

  • Making sustainable

    Try to reduce the
    environmental load through
    the proper management
    of chemicals and
    the use of resources which
    considered the variety of
    ecosystem conservation

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