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Clever Uses of Zippers

  • Two-Way Open Zipper

    [How to use TWO-WAY]
    When Closing
    1. Pull the upper slider down, until it touches the bottom slider.
    2. Insert the separable pin to the very bottom of the bottom slider.
    (Incomplete insertion may cause problems.)
    3. Pull the upper slider up with your hand.
    When Opening
    1. Pull the slider down completely, until it touches the bottom slider.
    2. Gently pull out the separable pin with your hand.

  • Proper Use of Open-End Zippers

    Proper Use of Open-End Zippers

    3CF open-end & two-way open zippers are designed for thin and light fabric.
    To ensure light weight, open parts of this product are made of plastic. Therefore, their strengh is relativelt low(about half of 5CN, which is generally used in the front opening of general garments).

    Therefore, please avoid using this product in heavy knit garments, with thick fabric, or where a strong force may be applied during garment use. Strong pulling or twisting could result in the breakage of the parts.

  • Zipper Operation

    Please note the following precautions for proper handing in order to avoid unnecessary damage or breakage.

    [How to use ONE-WAY]
    When Closing
    1. Make sure the slider is positioned next to the box.
    2. Completely insert the pin into the box end.
    3. Pull up the slider.
    When Opening
    1. Pull the slider closely to the open parts.
    2. Draw the serparable pin out.

  • Sewing - Sew outside Yellow Line


    Please sew outside the yellow line.
    DO NOT sew on the plastic parts.

  • Ironing


    1. Please completely close the zipper and over with a piece of cloth.
    2. Ironing temperature should be lower than 130°C
    3. Please be careful not to accidentally iron the plastic parts.

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