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10VFWB is water tight, 5VFWN is water proof.
Every piece of 10VFWB is individually pressure tested to qualify for 0.03MPa seal before going out of the factory.

Available Chart

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Close Open Two-way
Size/Chain Type 5VFWN OK OK OK

Care Information / Remarks

-The tape may deteriorate/crack with long term exposure to UV. For outdoor usage, covering the zipper with a flap is highly recommended.
-Do not dry clean; dry cleaning will significantly decrease waterproofness
-Extensive friction may result with damaging the zipper element. To prevent from such damages, curved or corner usage is not recommended.
Similarly, sand and or similar particles may cause damages to the product when operating the zipper.
1Rinsing with fresh water is highly recommended after each use to wash away particles to maintain the quality.

-Keep the temperature under 60℃ when storing. Extensive high temperature may decrease the waterproofness.
Applying hot air or placing heavy object on the zipper may result with damage to the product.

-Size 10 NAZ slider has low slider lock strength to prevent the element damage

-Applying excessive lateral force to the bottom seal may widen the gap between elements.
This may consequently cause slider to slip off from the element while simultaneously may damage the seal.

-YKK does not recommend the use of our fasteners on walking water balls or similar items,
will not provide warranties for such use, accepts no liability for such use and
will avoid selling these fasteners for such use.
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