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This brand new zipper EXCELLA® Fin is blessed with both elegant appearance and newly innovated functional “Fin” structure. Metal teeth are individually polished and plated to provide elegant brightness. With the incorporation of fin structure on each teeth, the lifespan of zipper can be extended since the tape is then protected from slider generated friction and fraying.
It adds crucial support to high quality brands and is ideal for use within all garments, shoes and luggage.

EXCELLA® Fin has received 2 honored design awards, Red Dot Design Award 2018 “Winner” and 2019 German Design Award “Winner”.

Available Chart

테이블 설명
Close Open Two-way chain
Size/Chain Type 75SGWF OK OK OK OK

Care Information / Remarks

75SGWF Strength Standards are Almost same as 5SGW.
Operating Force is Same as 8SGW.
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