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SOFLEX® is a stretchable and flexible zipper. Both tape and element stretch about 10% by 1kg load.
We recommend this zipper use for apparel in general, especially stretchable garment such as sports wear, inner wear and compression wear.

It is also suitable for curved application such as pockets, sleeves and hood.


Available Chart

테이블 설명
Close Open Two-way
Size/Chain Type 3CS OK - -
45CS OK OK  
5CS Reverse OK OK -

Care Information / Remarks

-Washing / Dry cleaning / Ironing -Please close the zipper when washing/drying.
-Petroleum dry cleaning is suitable. Chlorine dry cleaning is not advisable.
-Please press with a damp cloth and iron at below 130℃.

*Please note that a small diameter curve (under R100mm) might prevent operation of the zipper.
In addition, the notch-cutting of the zipper tape is not advisable.
Please follow these care instructions and ensure, through our customer’s own testing procedures,
that the performance of this zipper fits their actual application.
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